Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome to the Dean's!
Come on In

We just got our new console table a few weeks ago!  I haven't had a chance to do much yet.
The mirror was already there when I moved in.  I am not sure I want to leave it there.
I would love to have a monogram made.

The table can open on both sides, here it is opened half way.

An empty frame haha
I was going to get a lamp but we have no outlets in the entryway.... one thing that will be in my future house.


  1. Pretty table, Cara! I'm an original Arkansan too! I went to college in Arkadelphia, but was born in Northern AR.

    We're living in OK now!

  2. THat is such a pretty table! I love the accessories that you have on it right now! It will all come together soon!

  3. Hi Cara!
    Congratulations on all your endeavors (new hubby and returning to school). Sounds like you’re a busy lady. I love the table. Looks great in your space! I’m a fellow Texan as well. What city are you in…..I’m close to Frisco (not sure if you are familiar with it)

  4. Love your table, it looks great!

  5. Thanks for giving a tour of your entryway. Great choice on the foyer table.

  6. Your entryway is really pretty Cara!
    The new table and base are beautiful.
    ~Wonderful job! :)

  7. Very pretty....I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. It is so much fun making new blog friends. Hope you will stop by for a visit.

  8. I love that table!! It is gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing


  9. That is a wonderful foyer table and mirror.

  10. I love the table too! Especially the 5th leg in the middle.

    Is that an empty picture frame on the table or a second mirror? If its a picture frame any idea what you want to put in there?