Thursday, June 10, 2010


Nathan and I have Vietri Incanto for our everyday dishes....we love them!!! There are 8 different patterns to choose from in the collection to mix and match, we chose just the baroque and ruffle. I made add some lace pieces if I ever buy more. I liked that you could dress them up or down and mix and match the patterns. ***Edit - I forgot to mention these are dishwasher AND microwave safe. Many of Vietri's first collections were not dishwaher or microwave safe because of the clay they were made with.

The Incanto was their first dishwasher safe collection and I was skeptical, so before I put them on my registry I bought one plate, ate on it, put it in the microwave and washed it in the dishwasher....came out perfect each time. Doing that little test made me feel so much better about my choice.

We also have Spode Christmas Tree china.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things I collect.....

This week over at Kelly's Korner, she is hosting Show us your Collections. I collect cake stands, tea cups, Vietri Incanto (my dishes) and most recently I have started collecting MacKenzie-Childs...I have one piece so far.

Some of my cake stands...

My latest addition, my 1 year anniversary present. Love this Vietri cake stand!!!

Signed underneath by Frances Gravely, co founder of Vietri. I met her when she was at Domain in Fort Worth. She is so awesome!!!

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Only one with dome

Has matching pitcher, dessert plates, vase, and goblets

Artimino Pearl from Dillard's

Found this on clearance at Target!!

Most used.....

Matching our glasses

Etegere of some of my Vietri serving pieces before we painted they kitchen.


Tea Cups

Cat Studio glasses...collecting them from places we have lived or traveled together.
New York and Arkansas for me, Texas for Nathan, Ft. Worth for both us us.

The beginning of my MacKenzie Childs collection.

Do any of you collect any of these?
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It's a Jungle!!!! Baby Shower!

In one of my earlier posts I posted ideas for the baby shower I was working on for my friend Veronica and her sweet baby Luke. The shower was in is now almost March so I think I will show you how it went :)

The shower in one of our conference rooms at work. I didn't notice until after the shower that the other lion that was before "IT'S" had fallen off, so it looks off center.

I had so much fun painting these letters (canvases, paint, wood letters, and some of the paper from Hobby Lobby and some Scrapbook paper from Michael's)

The diaper cake was the first thing I completed. The blankets (set of 4, I used 3 for the cake) were off her registry. "It's a Jungle Sign" from Hobby Lobby. I wanted the decorations to all be things she could use...Burt's Bee's baby, glass bottle's, etc.

Chocolate and Vanilla Monkey cupcakes

Real goldfish!!! We also had Goldfish crackers as they were one of the mommy to be's favorite snacks :) Broccoli, carrots, and ranch veggie dip. The plastic plates and bowls from Target and paper goods ordered on the Internet.

Duck pond punch, M&M's (yes I picked out all of the red and yellow) and a blown up copy of the invitation.Luke is now 4 months and ADORABLE!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Item of the Week!

Archer Farms Fruit bars @ Target.
I bought on sale for $2.51 a box.
My favorites are Raspberry and Pomegranate.
Only 45 delicious calories!!!!!!!!!! 
(the ones in the green box are bigger so they are more calories)
There are many more flavors than these 4.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This week over at Kelly's Korner is 
Show Us you Life: Wedding showers.

This was the invitation to our first shower  I thought it was adorable!  
(ignore the food stain haha)
Sorry this is so small!  It was beautiful and the food was SO yummy!
The cute little menu and our guest book
Coffee station with all different kinds of antique tea cups
The beautiful and very talented hostesses 
Our second shower with some school friends
I loved the cake...So cute!
Opening some of our dishes.
P.S.  I think it is SO awkward opening a this amount of gifts in front of people.
The wonderful hostesses!
Our couples wisdom shower.
Some of our parents dearest friends each gave with a 
card of wisdom they had for a successful marriage.
The lingerie shower at my sister's house
My handsome hubby opening our kitchen aid mixer from my co workers.

This was the cake I ordered for my sisters lingerie shower.  
I designed it off of the invitations.
Don't let looks deceive tasted awful.
I was so upset because every cake I had gotten from Blue Cake Co. in Little Rock had been great....well I think they forgot to put sugar in this tasted like bran!

We had lingerie hanging from the fireplace
This is my sister's husband at his tool shower.  The game was a relay and three guys had to thread a needle while 3 girls hammered a certain amount of nails into a board.   
Who do you think won?     The ladies!!!!
here I am hammering away!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a Jungle!

This week over at Kelly's Korner is Show Us Your Life 
Baby Showers!!!

I am actually in the process of planning a baby shower for one of my best friends at work.
She is due at the end of the October and her shower is in about a month.  Because I am a planner I  have pretty much everything planned out but can't wait to look through all the different showers to find more fabulous ideas! 

I wanted all the decorations to be things she could use for the baby/nursery.  

The diaper cake is almost finished
These blankets were from her registry.  

 Scrapbook paper from Michael's and letters from Hobby Lobby

Plates (so many inexpensive options online!)
I found these at Parties4Kids $2.25 for a pack of plates and $2.19 for a package of napkins!

Matching napkins
I designed the invitation off the plates and napkins
Are these not the cutest?? And they look easy to make.  1 regular Nilla wafer and 1 mini Nilla wafer.  I am going to make half vanilla and half chocolate.

Punch idea I got from my life long friend Carly Calhoun Grace

I am going to fill this glass fish bowl with goldfish crackers.   
I did this for the kids area at our wedding.  

The mommy to be loves goldfish (as do I...hee hee)

I have a tall cylinder vase that I am going to fill with water and REAL goldfish

Thinking about making "dirt" cups

If you have any ideas for me let me know!