Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Over the past few months during my lovely 30 mile commute to work I kept passing this Resale store that I really wanted to visit but was always to tired after work. A few weeks ago I had to go to the office on Saturday morning and on my way home made the executive decision to stop by and see what it was all about......it is actually apart of Arlington Crisis Pregnancy center and all the proceeds go towards diapers and formula, etc. for mom in need. All they have to do is go through some training and they receive vouchers for the essentials.

Although I get overwhelmed by looking for clothes in stores like this I got really excited about the very small atinque section. I found 2 milk glass pieces ($5.50 for both) and random cool china plate ($1.00) a cute little bud vase ($0.50).

I think I can do something cool with them! (random side note- it sounds like there is an abnormally large bug that keeps hitting our back door, I think he is attracted to the light...so gross!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I found the coolest chalkboard ever and just HAD to have it (thanks Nathan).
I first saw it on Urban Outfitters website but wanted to see if I could find a better deal somewhere else and I did...well it saved me $6.00 I could put toward shipping!!!

Wall Candy Arts sells them for $36.00. They have other fun shapes too!
There is a link above to their website.

It is so easy to put on the wall. You just peel and stick! It won't hurt your wall AND you can move it later if you want to put it somewhere else. Pretty cute to use for your "TO DO" list or in a child's room, kitchen, office...anywhere! Our walls are textured and it still works great!
I put ours in the laundry room.
RoCoco Chalkboard

Friday, April 3, 2009

My latest adventure in the kitchen was making "Death by Chocolate" for my boss's birthday.

2 packages chocolate mouse (milk is needed to for mix) I think I will use 4 next time.
1 Devils's Food Cake Mix (I used Pillsbury) (eggs, oil, and water)
4 Skor bars
2 8 oz tubs of Cool Whip
1 cup Kahlua

Make mousse according to box directions
(Mix 2 packets with 2 cups milk and refrigerate 2 hours)

Bake cake according to box directions
(Mix cake mix, 3 eggs, 1/2 cup oil, and water, bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes)

Remove cake and use fork to create holes in cake. Pour the 1 cup Kahlua over top of cake and let cool.

Crumble Skor bars (I used a mini food processor) you could place candy in bag and hammer.

When cake is cool and mousse is chilled

Using a large bowl or Triffle dish crumble half the cake in the bottom, layer on half of the mousse, layer 8 oz cool whip, and lastly half the skor pieces. Repeat layers.

Ready to eat or refrigerate for later!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If you know me well, you know I have been obsessed with cupcakes ever since my first Buttercup cupcake from NYC (Buttercup Bake Shop is sister to Magnolia Bakery). I have the cookbook and for years have been trying to perfect the recipe. I made 48 cupcakes for 2 of my coworkers and got to use this awesome caddy I had registered for at Dillard's (thanks Rhonda and the team:).

Anyway, I have had a Wilton cupcake carrier and it only carried 12 regular size cupcakes or 24 baby cupcakes. This awesome Cupcake Courier carrier carries 3 DOZEN!!! And I LOVE the color (also available in pink and clear). Also seen in June 2008 issue of "O" magazine, but don't just take Oprah's word for it, take me mine, haha.

Click here to purchase