Sunday, August 30, 2009

Item of the Week!

Archer Farms Fruit bars @ Target.
I bought on sale for $2.51 a box.
My favorites are Raspberry and Pomegranate.
Only 45 delicious calories!!!!!!!!!! 
(the ones in the green box are bigger so they are more calories)
There are many more flavors than these 4.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This week over at Kelly's Korner is 
Show Us you Life: Wedding showers.

This was the invitation to our first shower  I thought it was adorable!  
(ignore the food stain haha)
Sorry this is so small!  It was beautiful and the food was SO yummy!
The cute little menu and our guest book
Coffee station with all different kinds of antique tea cups
The beautiful and very talented hostesses 
Our second shower with some school friends
I loved the cake...So cute!
Opening some of our dishes.
P.S.  I think it is SO awkward opening a this amount of gifts in front of people.
The wonderful hostesses!
Our couples wisdom shower.
Some of our parents dearest friends each gave with a 
card of wisdom they had for a successful marriage.
The lingerie shower at my sister's house
My handsome hubby opening our kitchen aid mixer from my co workers.

This was the cake I ordered for my sisters lingerie shower.  
I designed it off of the invitations.
Don't let looks deceive tasted awful.
I was so upset because every cake I had gotten from Blue Cake Co. in Little Rock had been great....well I think they forgot to put sugar in this tasted like bran!

We had lingerie hanging from the fireplace
This is my sister's husband at his tool shower.  The game was a relay and three guys had to thread a needle while 3 girls hammered a certain amount of nails into a board.   
Who do you think won?     The ladies!!!!
here I am hammering away!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a Jungle!

This week over at Kelly's Korner is Show Us Your Life 
Baby Showers!!!

I am actually in the process of planning a baby shower for one of my best friends at work.
She is due at the end of the October and her shower is in about a month.  Because I am a planner I  have pretty much everything planned out but can't wait to look through all the different showers to find more fabulous ideas! 

I wanted all the decorations to be things she could use for the baby/nursery.  

The diaper cake is almost finished
These blankets were from her registry.  

 Scrapbook paper from Michael's and letters from Hobby Lobby

Plates (so many inexpensive options online!)
I found these at Parties4Kids $2.25 for a pack of plates and $2.19 for a package of napkins!

Matching napkins
I designed the invitation off the plates and napkins
Are these not the cutest?? And they look easy to make.  1 regular Nilla wafer and 1 mini Nilla wafer.  I am going to make half vanilla and half chocolate.

Punch idea I got from my life long friend Carly Calhoun Grace

I am going to fill this glass fish bowl with goldfish crackers.   
I did this for the kids area at our wedding.  

The mommy to be loves goldfish (as do I...hee hee)

I have a tall cylinder vase that I am going to fill with water and REAL goldfish

Thinking about making "dirt" cups

If you have any ideas for me let me know!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My item of the week!!!

My item of the week!

Clocky! Click 'Clocky" to see video!

So the other day at work I hear this ridiculously obnoxious noise coming from one of our conference rooms.  I was having a rough day and wasn't amused at the time.
I later found out the noise was from an alarm clock our electronics buyer at work was looking at.

The alarm is so ANNOYING which is why it makes it perfect for me!  I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!  I hit snooze way to many times.  I have even tried setting multiple alarms....doesn't work for me either. 

Well I just have to get my hands on one of these!
Clocky!  Invented my an MIT student!  Brilliant.  If you hit snooze more than once (or at all if you set it that way) it rolls of the nightstand and rolls around the room until you come get it. HAHAHAHAH  so funny!

She's got the brains and the looks

Our reception


"Introducing for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Dean...."

I basically told the florist the flowers I wanted and "shades of pink"

I found a picture in At Home in Arkansas and just fell in love with it!
Some of the layers were strawberry and some almond (my favorite)

The grooms cake was chocolate with chocolate covered strawberries

The traditional "cutting of the cake"
I heard it was good!  
haha most of my bite went down my dress when Nathan shoved it in my FACE.

I threw a mini bouquet.  Most of my friends are married but these were the brave ladies!

I actually forgot to put on my garter and a few minutes before I frantically told our wedding coordinator and she ran to get it from the bag, we slipped it to Nathan and he did a great job of "faking" it.

And they lived happily ever after.....

Our Honeymoon pictures are on link 11 :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Our AMAZING honeymoon.  
We went to Cancan Mexico, but the night of the wedding we went to 
the Capital Hotel in downtown Little Rock.
We had a wonderful dinner at Ashley's at the Capital.

We had chocolates and delicious fresh fruit

In Cancun, we stayed at the Le Blanc Spa Resort (one of the Palace Resorts)
we were so tired and it was rainy and gross when we got there but as we got out of the car at the resort we knew it was going to be amazing.  They ran up to the car and gave us coolwashcloths that smelled like cucumber melon.
They took all of our bags and when we walked into the lobby and were waiting for someone to take us to our room they offered is "Coco de leche"  pure BLISS!  This was the first time we had ever had it but DEFINITELY not the last!  The whole resort smelled so fresh!  
Anytime we said "thank you" they responded "It's my pleasure"  
This wasn't like any other all inclusive I had ever heard about before.
The service was amazing, it was beyond clean and relaxing, and awesome restaurants!
It was amazing just walking in!

The mirror to the left inside the door.

We loved the Bvlgari bath products!
We have a few small bottles and love using them every once in while...scent memories

This view was one of the many things that sold us on this place!
The room was huge!
We even had 2 balconies!

Checking out the view from the side was rainy our first day but we were so tired we just stayed inside and ordered room service

After the rain....beautiful!
One of the many infinity pools.  We spent a lot of time here!
We took full advantage of the swim up bar!
Ready to hit the pool!

This is the life!  Notice the lady in the back...they would bring you ANYTHING you needed.
Inside that little station they even had a small library of books....non of which I read!

Part of the lobby at night
Every night when we would come back from dinner they had closed the curtains, turned back the bed, and put "calming" music on the tv haha

And always left little surprises

Each floor has a butler that is at your every beckon call of our favorite butlers

Another pool (laguna side) and life size checkers

Entrance into the of our favorite things was the hydro therapy.

this was actually the last part of the hydrotherapy.
1st you went into a steam room or sauna.
2nd you set on the stone seat and put your feet in a bubbling water bath (picture at the bottom)
3rd you got into the jacuzzi which is the closest in the picture
then last was the lit pool in the back.
The left side was cool water and the right side was warm water

The day we got our couples message (after I finished hydro therapy) I waited in this room
for Nathan to finish his hydro therapy (guys and girls have separate sides).
The robe was oh so comfortable and I sipped on yummy hot tea!
**Note - that is not Nathan and I in the below picture.  :)
This is buy far the most relaxing place I have EVER been.