Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a Jungle!

This week over at Kelly's Korner is Show Us Your Life 
Baby Showers!!!

I am actually in the process of planning a baby shower for one of my best friends at work.
She is due at the end of the October and her shower is in about a month.  Because I am a planner I  have pretty much everything planned out but can't wait to look through all the different showers to find more fabulous ideas! 

I wanted all the decorations to be things she could use for the baby/nursery.  

The diaper cake is almost finished
These blankets were from her registry.  

 Scrapbook paper from Michael's and letters from Hobby Lobby

Plates (so many inexpensive options online!)
I found these at Parties4Kids $2.25 for a pack of plates and $2.19 for a package of napkins!

Matching napkins
I designed the invitation off the plates and napkins
Are these not the cutest?? And they look easy to make.  1 regular Nilla wafer and 1 mini Nilla wafer.  I am going to make half vanilla and half chocolate.

Punch idea I got from my life long friend Carly Calhoun Grace

I am going to fill this glass fish bowl with goldfish crackers.   
I did this for the kids area at our wedding.  

The mommy to be loves goldfish (as do I...hee hee)

I have a tall cylinder vase that I am going to fill with water and REAL goldfish

Thinking about making "dirt" cups

If you have any ideas for me let me know!


  1. I love what you have so far! I'm sure she'll love what you've done!!! If you do the dirt cakes, maybe you could add a flower on top. I have recently seen those done where you use oreo "straws" and put a flower through looks so cute! Looks like you've put so much thought into this; what a lucky coworker!!! :)

  2. All great ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. OK love the duckie punch bowl, love the dirt cake! Looks like a great showers!

  4. Great ideas! I love the cupcakes. I am thinking about making them for my son's 1st birthday party in September.

  5. what an awesome shower! All of it looks great! And so very creative! The diaper cake is precious!

  6. Great ideas! Those are pretty colors to work off of on those plates.

  7. super cute ideas. we used those plates and napkins for my sister in laws shower :)

  8. Love the diaper cake! I'm usually not big into the diaper cakes but I really like the idea of putting the baby blankets around the diapers. I had the same napkins & plates at one of my showers. A friend even made a cake to match. I've posted pics over on my blog.

  9. I love how prepared you are already! What a cool shower!