Thursday, August 6, 2009

My item of the week!!!

My item of the week!

Clocky! Click 'Clocky" to see video!

So the other day at work I hear this ridiculously obnoxious noise coming from one of our conference rooms.  I was having a rough day and wasn't amused at the time.
I later found out the noise was from an alarm clock our electronics buyer at work was looking at.

The alarm is so ANNOYING which is why it makes it perfect for me!  I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!  I hit snooze way to many times.  I have even tried setting multiple alarms....doesn't work for me either. 

Well I just have to get my hands on one of these!
Clocky!  Invented my an MIT student!  Brilliant.  If you hit snooze more than once (or at all if you set it that way) it rolls of the nightstand and rolls around the room until you come get it. HAHAHAHAH  so funny!

She's got the brains and the looks

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