Thursday, August 27, 2009


This week over at Kelly's Korner is 
Show Us you Life: Wedding showers.

This was the invitation to our first shower  I thought it was adorable!  
(ignore the food stain haha)
Sorry this is so small!  It was beautiful and the food was SO yummy!
The cute little menu and our guest book
Coffee station with all different kinds of antique tea cups
The beautiful and very talented hostesses 
Our second shower with some school friends
I loved the cake...So cute!
Opening some of our dishes.
P.S.  I think it is SO awkward opening a this amount of gifts in front of people.
The wonderful hostesses!
Our couples wisdom shower.
Some of our parents dearest friends each gave with a 
card of wisdom they had for a successful marriage.
The lingerie shower at my sister's house
My handsome hubby opening our kitchen aid mixer from my co workers.

This was the cake I ordered for my sisters lingerie shower.  
I designed it off of the invitations.
Don't let looks deceive tasted awful.
I was so upset because every cake I had gotten from Blue Cake Co. in Little Rock had been great....well I think they forgot to put sugar in this tasted like bran!

We had lingerie hanging from the fireplace
This is my sister's husband at his tool shower.  The game was a relay and three guys had to thread a needle while 3 girls hammered a certain amount of nails into a board.   
Who do you think won?     The ladies!!!!
here I am hammering away!

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  1. that lingere cake is too cute! love it! xoxo