Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our "nursery" as my dad calls our third bedroom is full of random things that do not have a home yet since I moved...but hopefully in a few years will be full of all things baby. As much as Nathan is ready for a baby anytime and as much as I have baby fever we have only been married 7 months. Nathan is also about to quit his job for a year for this accelerated MBA program at TCU. Once we make it through this I will feel a little better about timing.

Until then I can dream right?

Nursery ideas:

Cribs I like:

Fun bedding:
I LOVE stripes on walls! In my last house I painted stripes like this in 2 different color sage greens (below)...I should be a pro right?These are some other websites for inspiration. bedding.htm

Celebrity nurseries

Fashionista Et Bebe

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This week has been so busy! Nathan started school, vendors from India in town and Nolan's graduation in Austin tomorrow, but I didn't want to miss the tour so this is short and sweet.

So this room is pretty plain....nothing on the walls yet. Nathans parents left us this furniture. I want to fix it up little just not sure what to do...any suggestions? The doorway you can barely see to the left leads to the kitchen and to the right is a window.

Good storage space but never enough
I have debated painting the furniture what do you think?

An old mirror left in our garage and I just found it a couple of weeks ago. I think I am going to put this over our buffet. It needs a new back and a good dusting!

I need to fill some empty frames...remember I mentioned the frame fetish in the last post...
The red glass bowl is very special to original James Hayes (Arkansas Artist) signed by the artist for my College graduation and reads "Congratulations Cara!"
Thanks for stopping by! Ideas are always welcome!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Our guest bedroom...we have had many guests in 6 months! This was actually my bedding when I bought my house in Little Rock last year. It is Rose Tree "Symphony." It was kinda pricey but I waited until it went on sale and it is all reversible so it's like 2 beds in one! If you can't tell I have a slight obsession with black and white...I love it! So when we got married Nathan kinda mentioned he wanted a little more color and so my somewhat new (1 year old) bedding retired to our guest for our new bedding that will be a different tour. No that I am buying bedding for a living I am constantly wanted to change our bedding but I can't repaint all the time!
I love the larger black and white picture that is in the back. Not long after I moved to NYC, I was walking up the East Side of Central Park and saw this beautiful old apt and snapped a shot and I changed it to black and white.
I love the detail in old buildings.
For so long I had pictures from all my friends weddings here and now there is finally one from our wedding! It's in the middle behind the l.o.v.e. letters.My desk which I should use more!
One last thing: I forgot to put the picture of the console table we ordered in last weeks post so here is is our new table for our entryway. I am SO excited. It is antiqued black and has two hinged sides that fold out or in. When it is folded up it is all black and when folded out a brownish color.
to be continued...
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Work in Progress

This week at she is hosting a Tour of Living Rooms.
Be sure to check it out! Almost 400 living rooms (Yes I have seen them all! I couldn't sleep Friday night OK!)

I have lived here for 6 months so we still have many things we would like to do!
Here is where we 'live". You could also call this our "dining room" haha. The leather sofa that was passed down from his grandmother and survived his bachelor years. We want to replace it: But a) we haven't fond the "one", b) it is really comfy for being lazy and watching tv and movies because it has such a high back and c)I don't mind putting my feet on it. And of course there is by baby playing his addicting comouter games (which he told me this morning his will give up for 2 weeks). We also got a new rug but I haven't switched them out yet. My style isn't quite southwest.
Side table with the pretty flowers he surprised me with earlier in the week :)
This table had a denim table skirt that was very old so I moved in and bye bye denim table skirt.

Another accent table which houses all my favorite design books.
One of my favorite wedding gifts! This painting from Heike Talbert! She is AMAZING!

Kinda blurry, but the view from the sofa.

This little Henri Bendel diffuser reminds us of the smell of the resort on our honeymoon.
Ha I just realized there were no candles on the candlesticks.
This used to be Nathans nightstand, but when we got new one's I moved this inside the back door where we throw our keys. I need new lamp.
Fabric I think I am going to make curtains out of for this little window (I won't make them, wish I could though)
Clock that has been sitting by the wall for about 2 months (not sure where to put it)
Living room to the right when you walk in the front door which connects to the dining room
(It is this ridiculously long room) I really don't think this coffee table works but I got it for $10 at a sample sale.

My At home in Arkansas Magazines
That is about all we have done. Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Touring!

Cara and Nathan

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mi Cucina

I have been following Kelly's blog for a couple of months now. She is so talented and has some really great ideas (Plus her little girl Harper is so cute)! She started a Tour of Homes, and each Friday will showcase a different room. Last Friday featured kitchens. It has taken me 2 days to make it through almost 300 kitchens!

For those of you who don't know me, I am not only new to the blog world but just got married and moved to Texas 6 months ago. Wow...things have been so busy ever since!! Nathan bought the house he grew up in a little over 2 years ago and we are now in the process of converting the "bachelor pad" into a "joint space" haha! I am so grateful for our first house but can't wait till we can remodel this kitchen or I can design one from the start. I want to know who thought tiles on kitchen counters was a good idea? And White? They are SO hard to look clean and I feel they are "germy" all the time (even if they aren't)! Let's just say our kitchen needs new paint, floor, cabinets, and counters (maybe after Nathan finsihes his MBA) ....until then here is Mi Cucina.....

I had the idea to use something to cover up the fruit basket tiled back splash so I used this tray and I like it a lot better. I also added my new Park Avenue Potluck cookbook.
Left of the stove - some fun cookbooks and utensils (I have a cook book obsession) and a little bowl for match boxes

Canisters I bought while traveling, I just wish they where white. File Folder where I keep loose recipes by category.
I LOVE the HAPPY EVERYTHING plate my mom got me for my "Hope chest" many years ago.

I added the pitcher.
Coffee/tea station....I love tea!!!! And Nathan LOVES his french press haha
I loved this colorful plaque we found on our honeymoon and all my Harney and Sons Tea
I ALWAYS wanted this color mixer! It matched the cupcake icing on my favorite cookbook of all time...Buttercup Bake Shop in NYC! Alongside are all cookie and cupcake cookbooks....again a slight obsession! The black and white folder is where we keep all Take Out menus.I switched some things around

This little rooster hung in my kitchen in NY. I fell in love with it because of all the colors!
It says "The Rooster crows because he know hope dawns!"

Secret microwave :)

My cake stand collection lives on top of our really old and LOUD refrigerator :)

Our favorite! I love how each piece is unique and they go with everything! Vietri Incanto (Ruffle and Baroque mixed together). This picture was the other way before I loaded it and I can't figure out how to flip it!? HELP?

Some of our serving pieces

Our Christmas China

Just had to add these little plastic melamine dessert plates I found at Tuesday Morning a few week ago. $9.99 for a set of 4 and they had so many letters to choose from! Ours are of course "D" for Dean.

Our everyday glasses, our semi-formal goblets and Sutton Crystal.

Our collection of Cat Studio glasses:
Arkansas - my home state
Texas - Nathan's Home State
New York City - my old home
Fort Worth - our new home
Boston - one of Nathan's favorite places
The Razorback Tervis Tumblers are a MUST (I guess we need some TCU)

I bought this chalkboard decal for the kitchen but decided to put in it our laundry room.
It is so easy to use and won't hurt yout wall! You can move it anytime...we have enjoyed ours!
There is a link on the right to the website where I found it!

Things I might hang on the empty wall
Thanks for stopping by!! If you are ever in Fort worth, let me know and you can come by for some sweet tea! And if you live near by we should totally be friends :)

God Bless!