Thursday, May 21, 2009

This week has been so busy! Nathan started school, vendors from India in town and Nolan's graduation in Austin tomorrow, but I didn't want to miss the tour so this is short and sweet.

So this room is pretty plain....nothing on the walls yet. Nathans parents left us this furniture. I want to fix it up little just not sure what to do...any suggestions? The doorway you can barely see to the left leads to the kitchen and to the right is a window.

Good storage space but never enough
I have debated painting the furniture what do you think?

An old mirror left in our garage and I just found it a couple of weeks ago. I think I am going to put this over our buffet. It needs a new back and a good dusting!

I need to fill some empty frames...remember I mentioned the frame fetish in the last post...
The red glass bowl is very special to original James Hayes (Arkansas Artist) signed by the artist for my College graduation and reads "Congratulations Cara!"
Thanks for stopping by! Ideas are always welcome!


  1. very pretty - love the buffet and you are right - we women never have enough space

  2. I think the buffet looks great as it is. We have a buffet too, funny how it becomes our storage. LOL
    I think mine is full of books and kids crafts

  3. I love it. I would paint the furniture...but that's me. I seem to want all my furniture to be black right now. I'm sure a few years from now we will be painting it all white. LOL. And..I totally have a frame fetish...and empty frames around the house too!!

  4. I love the collection of frames. The table and chairs are great. A good way to freshen the look up is to recover the seats. However, it's really lovely the way it is.

  5. I love this room, especially that buffet. So beautiful - do not paint it!! :)

  6. Love your furniture. I'm not normally opposed to painting furniture but I don't think I would paint's very classic and just lovely. To bring in some "pop", you could reupholster your chairs in something classy and modern....maybe the brown and ivory zebra print you see around. I have that same exact mirror (it will look great above your buffet by the way); you can see it on my blog (under Kelly's blog carnival - for Living Rooms). Thanks for sharing !

  7. I don't know . . . that's a tough one. I would say don't paint. That buffet is beautiful as is (I have one too, but my MIL has always called it a sideboard). The furniture is great. Start w/the chairs. I agree that recovering them might be just the thing to make the room fabulous.

  8. The table, chairs and buffet are gorgeous. I would just reupholster the chairs. Everything else is perfect.