Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Work in Progress

This week at she is hosting a Tour of Living Rooms.
Be sure to check it out! Almost 400 living rooms (Yes I have seen them all! I couldn't sleep Friday night OK!)

I have lived here for 6 months so we still have many things we would like to do!
Here is where we 'live". You could also call this our "dining room" haha. The leather sofa that was passed down from his grandmother and survived his bachelor years. We want to replace it: But a) we haven't fond the "one", b) it is really comfy for being lazy and watching tv and movies because it has such a high back and c)I don't mind putting my feet on it. And of course there is by baby playing his addicting comouter games (which he told me this morning his will give up for 2 weeks). We also got a new rug but I haven't switched them out yet. My style isn't quite southwest.
Side table with the pretty flowers he surprised me with earlier in the week :)
This table had a denim table skirt that was very old so I moved in and bye bye denim table skirt.

Another accent table which houses all my favorite design books.
One of my favorite wedding gifts! This painting from Heike Talbert! She is AMAZING!

Kinda blurry, but the view from the sofa.

This little Henri Bendel diffuser reminds us of the smell of the resort on our honeymoon.
Ha I just realized there were no candles on the candlesticks.
This used to be Nathans nightstand, but when we got new one's I moved this inside the back door where we throw our keys. I need new lamp.
Fabric I think I am going to make curtains out of for this little window (I won't make them, wish I could though)
Clock that has been sitting by the wall for about 2 months (not sure where to put it)
Living room to the right when you walk in the front door which connects to the dining room
(It is this ridiculously long room) I really don't think this coffee table works but I got it for $10 at a sample sale.

My At home in Arkansas Magazines
That is about all we have done. Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Touring!

Cara and Nathan

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