Thursday, July 30, 2009

On October 25th, 2008 I became Mrs. Dean!!!
My colors were black and pink.
I had 8 beautiful bridesmaids

Back 4, left to right:
Lindsay Monnahan Woodward - we actually both lived in Arkansas but it wasn't till college rooming together in NYC that we became best of friends!  she is going to visit tomorrow!  Yay!
Leslie Carter Lloyd - my cousin whom I love.  She is pregnant with her first and we just found out it's a GIRL!
Emily Stearns Newton - My oldest friend!  We were neighbors 4EVER.  Played everyday!  We carpooled, built forts, the lists goes on forever.
Rachael Miller - we both went to LRCA for 13 years together.  We were best friends in high school and roommates freshman year at U of A Fayetteville before I went to New York.
Front 4, left to right
Shelly Cain Hoyt - also one of my first friends as a child.  We had to have been in diapers when we met.  Actually she is tiny but look closer in this picture and you will see she is 7 months pregnant with twins BOYs!  What a trooper she was!  William and Jonas were born a month early at the beginning of December...they are precious!
Sara Thompson - We met after I moved back to Little Rock and when my sister and I bought our house she came and lived with us for a year!  Such fun when we were Road Kill for Halloween!
Christy Williams Lax - My matron of honor and my only sibling!  She got married 6 months before me.  It was a crazy time but we had so much fun planning things together.  She is the best sister in the entire world!
Alyssa Butkowski Vaswer - Alyssa and I became best buds in NY and she too is from Little Rock.  Her and her husband just set of to live in Japan for a couple years to teach English!
She is one of the most loyal people I have ever known!

I really have such beautiful friends!

Some of the flowers at the reception.
Loved the cake! 
Mickey's Cake Shop 
To bad I didn't really get to have any...3 more months till we eat the top!
Camille and GiGi...they are adorable!

The front of our Guest Book.
The cross is similar to one on a necklace my parents got for me when I was baptized.
Our programs

Before the wedding we had Kim Lott sing "When You Say You Love Me" and during the wedding "Knees to the Earth" by Watermark

Our first Dance was "At Last" by Etta James
for dancing pictures check last weeks post.

Thanks for stopping by!
I might post more later....hope you enjoyed 


  1. Love your flower arrangements!

  2. Amazing wedding. Everything looked beautiful!

  3. Your wedding was so beautiful! I love the bridesmaid's dresses and your flowers :)

  4. Beautiful pictures. Your centerpieces were gorgeous!

  5. You had a beautiful wedding!! I love the cake, flowers and colors!!

  6. I stumbled across your blog - beautiful wedding. It's interesting to read about life in Texas!