Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday's Tour

I'm back!!! I missed the tours the past couple of weeks because we had company and things were just really I am going to fit three weeks into one post. I hope you don't mind.

Looking in from the kitchen. I love our chalkboard decal. It was easy to hang (peel and stick), and I can move it to a new place anytime without hurting the wall. So fun and so functional!
There is a link on the right of my page to where I bought it.

This all started with the Razorback Coin Laundry photo which I snapped on a walk in Little Rock one afternoon. When I moved into my previous house I searched on google and found other "laundry" related images to frame. I bought the frames at Hobby Lobby at 50% off (don't you just LOVE that place).

A "catch all". Ha ha yes that is my lunch box. It's from my favorite little PB & J restaurant in NYC. I can't believe they sell the Peanut Butter at Walmart and Kroger now but I am not complaining. Simply the me! It is all natural and many different flavors. My personal fav is "White Chocolate Wonderful" :) For more information, fun recipes, or to find a store near you click here (P, B, & J).

Greatest invention....and it rolls. I hang a lot of my clothes to dry because the dryer does awful things to dark clothes especially anything black and polo shirts so I don't put most of these in the dryer.

Inside the garage more lost keys...

And now our bathrooms.....from last weeks tour...

The master bath So deep I call it the swimming pool...haha, I am short.
I love looking at this every morning when I am getting ready!

His and her vanity

And the skylight

and now for the "remodel list" bathroom. I purposely left out the nice floral border arond the top.

Third bathroom by Nathan's office and off the laundry room. It's small but a full bath/shower.
I haven't done anything to this bathroom since we moved in either.

And offices...from three weeks ago :)

My desk which I never use because I need a new mouse for my computer.
Nathan's office/the man cave. His favorite chair he pulled from a garbage somewhere in his bachelor days and refuses to give it up. He is also working on putting all my old cd's on itunes...thanks honey! And his new baby.

Sorry this was so long! But for making it to the end I will share some sweet tea with you :) virtual that is. This is my new addiction. Mint and Honey (yum yum) and it's organic! I may never make my on sweet tea ever again. The unsweet lemon lime is also delish!!! (Made in Austin Texas). Click here (Sweet Leaf Tea) to find a store near you.


  1. Your rooms are so cute!! Love your pictures on the wall, your laundry room is huge!

  2. Your rooms are great! I love the black and white theme! Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOVE the idea of framing laundry-related photos! I wonder if that would pretty-up my laundry room (aka, the garage)...? :)

  4. Very cute ideas!

    Maybe you could try to get Dillard's to sell some products made here in the USA?? Just a thought to help American workers and our economy here at home . .