Saturday, March 28, 2009

Once upon a time...

So this is my maiden voyage on the "SS Blogger". A new outlet to document what's happening in the life of a full time corporate assistant buyer and new wife. I love anything design related or that uses creativity. My latest project is our first house, built in 1968, some updates some outdates. We are so thankful for our a home! Of course I could go crazy remodeling and decorating, but let's be's expensive and we are in some tough economic times here people! With all that said, I am constantly looking for ways to make our house our home and be thrifty. My second passion is party planning! I love entertaining! The biggest party I have planned this year was our wedding (with help from my awesome mom!). I will start with pictures from the past fews months and then update as new events happen.

I also like to buy stuff (that's why being in a buying office is so great for me haha!!) but I don't have a lot to spend, but that's ok I love finding goods deals.

Anytime I find something I like I will definitely share with you all...we've got to stick together!

So here we go!

Christmas 2008

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